Privox is a free, cloud based speech to text (STT) API. You post it with a wav file and it returns a text string. A second API provides the opposite, text to speech (TTS). You post this API with text and it will return a wav file.

Privox is free to use, however, you are limited to 3,600 seconds of usage per hour (1:1). There is no paid tier or anything like that so if you require more consumption than this you will need to either fire up a producer node and start Producing to accumulate some QSS or create your own producer farm and use it.

If you are wondering how we make money the answer is we don’t and the next logical question is how do we pay our bills and the answer is we don’t. Just kidding! Benefactors help us pay our infrastructure bills which is not excessive and we are funded by others who share our vision of a free, privacy respecting, anonymous, open source voice framework. We provide a simple, easy to use, free set of voice services so you can develop voice based applications without the concern of your private information being abused.

Privox provides the basic infrastructure which includes a limited set of producer nodes, however, the voice exchange is primarily powered by user contributors who volunteer by periodically connecting to the network and providing temporary transcription processing power. Privox will evenly distribute it.