The SETI project is probably the earliest inspiration for distributing the work to volunteer nodes. Projects like DeepSpeech and Coqui laid much of the groundwork necessary to be able to even consider something like Privox. Release of the Whisper models and associated framework was what ultimately enabled Privox to be developed.

As is the case with so many projects today, this entire project would not have been possible without the contributions to the open source community of so many organizations over the years like Apache, MySql, Linux, Python, Django, Matrix, Github and of course Read the Docs.

From an intangible perspective, the fanatical devotion to user privacy and total rejection of surveillance capitalism is a direct result of discussions with Michael Lewis at Likewise the rejection of allowing anything big-tech to have access to any of the data at any time was inspired by conversations with Josh Montgomery, also from

The OVOS project is also an inspiration, providing backward compatibility and extensibility to several voice oriented open source projects enabling rapid development of voice assistant type applications.